Refractory Metals

Semiconductor Industry

Our product range for ion implant systems includes various machined and formed parts made of Mo, TZM, W, WL, Ta, Graphite, Ceramic and Steel. We support all common ion implant systems: Varian semiconductor, Axcelis Technologies, Applied Materials, Nissan Ion Equipment and SEN Corporation.


Ion Source Parts
  • Arc chamber parts
  • Cathodes
  • Filaments
  • Repellers
  • Arc slits
  • Cathode and filament holders
  • Gas pipes
  • Insulators
Electrode Parts
  • Ground electrodes
  • Suppression electrodes
Plasma / Electron Flood Gun Part
  • Filaments
  • Filament holders
  • Insulators
Beam Line
  • Beam shields
  • Analyzer parts
Thermal Management

Rapid growth in wireless communication networks together with new developments in laser technology and the aerospace sector are placing ever increasing demands on the microelectronics industry.

The new chip generation ot tomorrow is marked by multiplication of power and simultaneous reduction in size.  Such devices exhibit  high heat losses and therefore need to be mounted on substrates or baseplates which act as heat sinks to allow effective thermal management.

This requires the use of special materials possessing both high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion – as close as possible to that of Si- and GaAs- semiconductors or certain packaging materials.

LIT supplies:

  • Base plates for IC packages
  • Heat sinks for optoelectronics and lasers
  • Heat sinks for microwave applications and for Fibreoptic packages
  • Heat sinks for high performance chips