Schott RD50Owing to the advancements of medical technology, the use of radiation used for medical purposes has seen a drastic increase over the past decade. While the harmful radiation from X-rays is well-known for damaging the body tissue and organs, radiation from X-rays can cause significant skin burns and radiation sickness.

Offering maximum security and quality, increasingly more customers in architecture, science and medicine are turning to SCHOTT RD50 radiation shielding glass. Much finer and almost weightless, as opposed to acrylic, RD50 provides superior protection as it contains 65% of lead oxide, which is the material that absorbs the harmful rays. A transparent alternative to other shielding materials, this highly prized radiation shielding glass is not just used as radiation protection for doctors and nurses, operating and x-ray rooms, radiotherapy stations,
dental clinics, laboratories, material testing, laboratories and glove boxes, RD50 is also widely used in a broad range of applications, such as residential, industrial building and modern sky scraper windows.

Benefits of RD50 Glass

Edge processed, anti-static, moisture and scratch resistant, easy to disinfect, found in the widest range of thicknesses, and can offer higher lead equivalents using insulated units – SCHOTT RD50 radiation shielding glass not only provides high radiation absorption, it can be processed as insulated glass, laminated glass or bent glass in a variety of designs. RD50 can also be customised with drilled holes and cut outs, and can be processed with noise protection or heat-insulating qualities.

Designed to offer many years of service if properly cared of, SCHOTT RD50 meets the necessary requirements and benchmarks outlined in the DIN EN 61331-2 and IEC 61331-2, International Electrotechnical Commission, German Institute for Standardisation, and the European Institute for Standardisation.

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