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Date posted: July 12, 2016 // Glass Schott

schott-thermal-resistanceRobax Is A Tough, Heat-Resistant Ceramic Glass for Stoves and Fireplaces

Not to be confused with the ibuprofen-based analgesic and muscle relaxant, which also includes the word “platinum” in its title, Robax is actually the brand name of a glass product that has some exceptional properties. If you are a lover of modern décor, it is very likely that you will have, at some time, paused to admire one of those predominately glass, wood-burning stoves or fireplaces that often feature in today’s homes, and have now begun to replace the more traditional designs in which metal and firebrick tended to be the predominant components. These attractive new designs, however, have only been made possible as a result of the development of a new form of glass with exceptional resistance to the effects of heat.

It may perhaps be a little difficult to understand how it is possible for such materials to withstand the touch of a hot spark or a naked flame, given that most of us are likely, at some time or another, to have witnessed a glass break just from a sudden contact with a hot liquid. The secret, of course, lies in its composition. Robax is a ceramic glass product that displays some of the properties of that used to manufacture the ceramic hobs now fitted to most electric cookers. It differs mainly from the latter in that it is a transparent material, rather than an opaque one.

When fitted to a wood-burner, for instance, it serves to seal the combustion chamber, thus ensuring that the fuel burns with maximum efficiency, whilst its transparency permits those seated around it to enjoy a virtually unobstructed view of the flames and glowing embers. At the same time, this fire-resistant glass is a very efficient conductor that can transmit the warmth that is needed to heat the area in which the burner is located.

For use, Robax glass can be provided in the form of flat panels for use with the more conventional fireplaces.  Alternatively, it may be worked into a wide range of interesting shapes, including square, triangular and curved formats, which between them should ensure plenty of scope for creativity on the part of an imaginative product designer or décor specialist. Being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, installing one of these surprisingly tough, sealed wood burners with its strong visual appeal on a patio, can provide an effective and stylish way in which to extend one’s outdoor lifestyle to include those chilly highveld winter evenings.

Robax is one of the brand names of the world-renowned German manufacturer of specialised glass, Schott. The company is also responsible for developing the fire-resistant Pyran® and Pyranova® brands of safety glass that are widely used to protect the occupants of offices and public buildings from the dangers of fire. Schott also manufactures non-reflective and UV-absorbent glass as well, as the glass is able to block the passage of ionising radiation, such as X-rays and gamma rays.

Just as it is quite clear that there can be very little that Schott doesn’t know about glass, we at LIT Africa can assure our clients that we know everything that needs to be known about the Schott product range, including Robax heat-resistant ceramic glass and its applications in the South African context.