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RD 50® Radiation Shielding Glass

RD 50® Radiation Shielding Glass

Date posted: May 21, 2014 // Schott

schott-rd50-thumb-originalSCHOTT Advanced Optics is dedicated to improving our customers’ businesses by optimizing our products and operations. As such, we are pleased to announce that we have enhanced our RD 50® radiation shielding glass operations by increasing our stock of polished glass as well as our process capacity at our Eschershausen fabrication facility. Through these investments of additional machinery and material resources, we are now able to ensure lead-time levels are achieved for all RD 50® customers, even as the number of customers continues to grow.

These enhancements are designed to improve throughput for our customers, but will in no way change the high quality, versatility, or the performance of RD 50®. Designed to absorb high x-ray and gamma radiation, the transparent RD 50® is an ideal shielding material in medical and research settings.

RD 50® is a robust radiation shielding glass with lead accounting for 65% of its weight. It is perfectly clear, highly scratch resistant, and can be processed with a variety of different treatments, including beveled grinding, holes, or further processing into glass laminate upon request. The radiation shielding glass can also be processed into cast resin, film laminates, insulating glass, and can even be screen printed. RD 50® will continue to be delivered up to the maximum dimensions and in every conceivable geometric shape our customers need.