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Non-reflective Glass

Non-reflective Glass

Date posted: November 18, 2014 // Special Glass

SCHOTT UV Protected and Tinted Non-reflective Glass 

While regular glass reflects approximately 8% of light, it can create unfavourable reflections, especially in the optical, film, architectural, astronomy and art industries. However, thanks to the endless innovations in glass technology, this problem has been rectified by the invention of non-reflective glass.

Commonly used for both interior and exterior uses, non-reflective glass has grown to be a product in huge demand. Also referred to as diffused, reflection control and non-glare glass – non-reflective glass can be found in storefronts, large displays, art galleries, museums, buildings, restaurants, and film and television production studios throughout the world.

Founded more than 125 years ago in Jena, Germany, SCHOTT is an international technology group that is leading the innovation and advancement in the areas of glass technology today, and is developing and manufacturing a variety of superior quality special and architectural glass that includes non-reflective glass at a number of production sites around the globe, including Labotec Industrial Technologies in Johannesburg, South Africa.

As the South African agents for Schott Architectural Glass, Technical Glass and Optics, you can find the following high-quality innovative non-reflective solutions at Labotec Industrial Technologies in Johannesburg.

SCHOTT Mirogard® UV Protective Non-Reflective Glass for Galleries and Museums 

Used in applications that vary from museums to art galleries throughout the globe, Mirogard® UV protective non-reflective glass is low in reflection, true in colour and barely visible. When using UV protective non-reflective glass for artwork, the product is almost undetectable with most of the outside light transmitting through to the artwork and back through the glass. Not only does this allow valuable artwork to be protected against environmental and human damage, but artwork is also easily viewed without the artwork being compromised. With two sides – one normal and the other textured, Mirogard® non-reflective glass ensures the visual appeal of the artwork.

SCHOTT Conturan® Tinted Non-Reflective Glass 

Used in applications that range from instrument panels, indicator board covers, railroad destination indicators, anti-reflective filters for technical displays, and many more – this product prevents optical reflection from sunlight or artificial light that is caused by the glass surface. Coated with multiple layers of an optical interference coating on one side or both sides, this type of non-reflective solution is only nanometres in thickness.

As a company at the forefront of glass technology, we at LIT Africa are the South African experts in special glass solutions. All of our superior quality products can either be found in a standard size, or they can be customised to suit your specific requirements at cost-effective prices.

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