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Glazed Art Glass

Glazed Art Glass

Date posted: September 29, 2015 // Glass

Glazed Art Glass for Superior Protection of Displayed Items

The problem of undesirable reflection of items displayed behind glass in museums, art galleries and special collections is completely solved with the installation of SCHOTT glazed art glass.

Whereas normal glass reflects as much as 8% light, making it difficult to have an undisturbed view of the item behind the glass, the SCHOTT MIROGARD® anti-reflective glass reflects less than 1% of the light. This means an almost 100% undisturbed view of the item on display. Explained in another way, conventional glass transmits only 91-92% light, whereas SCHOTT MIROGARD® glazed art glass transmits around 99% of the light for clear viewing of displayed items.

Nowhere is the above more important than at art galleries and museums, where it is about visual appreciation of print, photographic, paint and sculpted items. With many of the other types of glazed glass, the problem of transparency must still be addressed. However, SCHOTT MIROGARD® glazed art glass has a completely neutral colour, ensuring 100% transparency and no effects on the colour of the displayed item.

What makes the SCHOTT glazed art glass so strong, easy to clean, scratch resistant and stable is the usage of sol-gel technology for application of several coats of titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide layers under clean room conditions, and then burning-in of such. The surface is rendered smooth for easy cleaning. With the addition of MIROGARD® Plus and MIROGARD® Protect, the glass obtains even more UV protection capacity than the normal SCHOTT glazed art glass. Up to 99% of UV radiation can be stopped with the application of MIROGARD® Plus and MIROGARD® Protect. All the glazed art glass from SCHOTT provide UV protection. We provide UV glass to order according to the level of UV protection required.

The glazed art glass protects displayed items against the effects of UV radiation and thereby prolongs the lifespan of displayed works. Whilst the glass has excellent UV protection properties, it is also lightweight in design. Measuring a mere 2.95mm in thickness, MIROGARD® Protect Ultra can be used to replace conventional picture frame solutions. It is also superior in mechanical stability with its weight at a mere 6.5kg per square metre.

First introduced in the seventies, the anti-reflective glazed art glass has since been under constant development to ensure even better transparency, lighter weight, improved stability and increased UV protection. SCHOTT has optimised the colour shading after extensive research and with the application of the new technology for coatings, they have been able to completely eliminate colour shading, which can distract the viewer from the true colours of the displayed item.

Installation of the anti-reflective glazed art glass holds several benefits:

• UV protection of displayed works, thus ensuring longevity of displays.
• Complete transparency of the glass and thus no distraction from the true colours of the artwork.
• Exceptionally thin glass which minimises distortion and reduces the weight on the wall or display surface.
• Exceptional surface stability and integrity with easy-to-clean properties.
• Superior light transmission of up to 99%.
• Durable glass which ensures added protection of the displayed items for longer.

Contact us at LIT Africa to discuss your particular art and museum work protection requirements and to obtain a quote for custom sizes of SCHOTT MIROGARD® anti-reflective glazed art glass.