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Date posted: October 14, 2016 // Glass

It is likely that the first example of a product from a glass textiles manufacturer which most people became aware of was the lightweight, fibrous material used to insulate the loft area and the cavity walls of their homes. Known as fibreglass, when mixed with resin, these spun fibres also became a tough, but easily moulded raw material from which to produce the body shells of sports cars and the hulls of sailing boats. The same material is still widely used by panel beaters to make repairs to conventional metal car bodies.

Since then, the possible applications for this very useful material have expanded considerably. Given its exceptional insulation properties, many of those uses revolve around its ability to block the passage of heat or sound. One such example from Culimeta, a leading German manufacturer of glass textiles, is its use in the fireplace gaskets that form the seal between the fire and fire-resistant glass components.

In an alternative, but fairly similar application, the intumescent properties of another manufacturer’s glass textile product, fire-resistant glazing gaskets from Gluske, cause it to expand when heated. This expansion, in turn, allows it to fuse the fireproof glazing to its metal frame and thus to prevent the penetration of fire and smoke into the occupied areas beyond. Protected in this way, the occupants of a burning building are given vital extra time in which to make an orderly and safe escape from the danger.

These are just a few of the modern uses for which this fibrous form of glass is particularly well suited. Quite a number of these applications are to be found within the automotive industry. Used as a lining in the construction of silencers, the material provides the dual function of protecting the metal casing from heated fumes, whilst also effectively muffling the exhaust noise. In the engine compartment, sheets and rolls made from the same composite may be used to protect other components from the potentially damaging effects of excessive heat.

A specialist in glass products for use in a wide range of industrial and domestic applications, although not actually a glass textile manufacturer, Labotec Industrial Technologies is a leading supplier of Culimeta products and assist PG Building Glass Supplies with Gluske products to the South African market. Furthermore, with the experience gained from more than half a century in the business, no local supplier is better positioned to assist your company in leveraging the many benefits of these and other new and advanced derivatives of this age-old vitreous material formed by heat on sand.

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