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Fire-Resistant Steel Doors

Fire-Resistant Steel Doors

Date posted: June 13, 2017 // Uncategorized

There has been a steady tightening of the regulations pertaining to fire hazards in the home, on public premises, and in the workplace. Much of the impetus behind this trend has come from Europe and the United States and certain, though not yet all, of their safety measures are being adopted in many other countries around the world. In many EU countries, for instance, a rented property will need to be equipped with a fire extinguisher, an fireproof blanket, a smoke alarm, and one or more fire-resistant doors of steel or sufficiently thick timber. The latter are designed to isolate other areas of a dwelling from the kitchen; the most common site of a domestic conflagration, and to slow the spread of flames long enough for any occupants to make their escape. On public premises, which can often house hundreds of people, such precautions are even more vital

While these structures provide a valuable function, and can certainly help to save lives, they are often lacking in visual appeal. In addition, without some form of built-in viewing pane, they can limit ambient light levels quite markedly, whilst also acting to restrict one’s view of what might be happening in a room or corridor beyond. There can be little doubt that the combination of metal and glass can result in some elegant designs. That said, there are few instances in which the success of this marriage of materials is more evident than in the T-Tammer range of stylish fire-resistant steel doors.

Since its founding in 1995, the brand has gained huge acceptance throughout the Baltic States and is rapidly expanding its foothold in the world market, although many of its international customers are likely to have little knowledge, if any, of its country of origin – Estonia. A former state of the USSR, following the disbanding of the Soviet Republics, Estonia gained independence and has since become a member of the EU. As such, its exports are required to comply with the European Union’s rigorous manufacturing and trading standards and thus comply with those set by the majority of Western nations.

The range consists of solid metal products with various finishes and either partially or fully glazed metal-framed products. Overall, it includes products suitable for use in an equally wide range of environments. These include hospitals, schools, office blocks, and hotels while T-Tammer even offers a number of products intended specifically for use within the marine industry. In fact, wherever a flame-resistant barrier that looks as good as it works may be needed, T-Tammer fire-resistant steel doors and windows are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

In South Africa, a selection of these world-class T-Tammer products is distributed by Labotec Industrial Technologies, a company with more than 50 years of experience in the technology and practical applications of specialised materials. Given the company’s extensive knowledge of both refractory metals and specialised glazing, clients may be assured of quality products backed by expert installation and unsurpassed after-sales service.

To ensure that your personnel and customers are as safe as possible whilst on your premises, talk to LIT Africa about fire-resistant steel doors and windows.