Refractory Metals

Lighting Industry

Founded in 1921, PLANSEE is a key supplier to the lighting industry and offers the most important building blocks for lamp production. Our broad product range includes components made of refractory metals such as molybdenum, tungsten, niobium, tantalum, their alloys and phosphors.

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Incandescent Lamps

Incandescent lamps still play an important role in the field of general lighting. We deliver wire of optimum quality.

LIT supplies:

Mo-ILQ redraw wire for the manufacture of mandrel and support wires.
Mo-ILQ mandrel wire with electropolished surface for secondary cooling.

Halogen Lamps

Quartz Glass

Halogen lamps have become increasingly popular in many fields including indoor lighting, car headlamps and special applications.

LIT supplies:

  • Pt-Mo and Ta foil as a welding aid
  • MY-ESS-ribbon for electrical leadthrough in quartz glass
  • ML and ML-Ni lead wire pins for power supply


Hard Glass

Together with quartz glass bulbs, we also produce halogen lamps with hard glass bulbs (borosilicate glass) for use in car headlamps.

LIT supplies:

  • Finished Mo-dipping shields or alternatively Mo-Ribbon as pre-material
  • Mo/MY crimped sleeves as a welding aid for attaching incandescent filaments to lead-in pins or alternatively ribbon as prematerial
  • ML and ML-Ni lead-in pins

We additionally offer Tungsten fine wire for filaments.

Short Arc Lamps

We offer tungsten electrode materials which have been especially developed for highly loaded short arc lamps.

LIT supplies:

  • Cathode: Electrodes or prematerial
  • Anode: W, WL finished electrodes or prematerial
  • MY-ESS-ribbon as electrical leadthrough
  • W-pins as lead wires
  • Mo-cups

Pt-Mo and Ta foil as welding aids

Flash Lamps

Most flash lamps employ infiltrated porous tungsten cathodes.  We can supply these to a wide range of specifications.

LIT supplies:

  • Porous tungsten cathode tips
  • Anode and cathode supports made of WL10
  • W and WVM pins as lead wires
High Pressure Discharge Lamps

Ceramic metal halide laps represent a further development of high-pressure discharge lamps.  Their advantages are high efficiency and excellent colour retention.

LIT supplies:

  • Electrodes made of W or W-alloys or alternatively wire and rods as prematerial
  • Cermet as electrical leadthrough
  • ML pins for power supply