Refractory Metals

High Temperature Furnaces


Hot Zones

The use of furnace components made of refractory metals (W, Mo, Ta) leads to a variety of benefits:

  • Excellent purity and ultra-high vacuum capabilities (low vapor pressure, small surface area)
  • Suitable for vacuum and protective gases (Ar, He, N2, H2, combinations)
  • Carbon-free environment
  • Extreme creep/sagging resistance and low distortion
  • Low specific heat of hot zone and fixtures
  • Higher cooling rates than any other system
  • Clean and shiny surface of the goods
Hot Isostatic Presses

HIP furnaces operate at high temperatures up to 2000°C and simultaneously high gas pressures up to 200 MPa/30 ksi.

The use of the latest high performance materials for the metal components inside the pressure vessel increases reliability and service life.  The development of heating systems, metallic fans and special surface treating of the HIP cylinder rates and reduced energy losses.

LIT offers:

  • Design and manufacturing of hot parts inside the vessel like HIP cylinder, charge carrier and bottom, wall and top heating elements
  • Equipment for forced convection for controlled heating and cooling rates
  • Charge devices, fixtures and fasteners
  • Semi-finished products
Glass Melting Furnaces

LIT offers:

  • Melting crucibles
  • Mandrels and Mandrel Shafts
  • Heating Devices
  • Various fittings (hoppers, radiation shields, fasteners)
  • Glass melting electrodes