Refractory Metals

Glass Technology

Glass Melting Electrodes

Glass technologyOur Molybdenum glass melting electrodes from PLANSEE are produced by means of powder metallurgical processes and are characterized particularly by their chemical purity.

The advantages of Plansee glass melting electrodes:

  • Special glass melting electrode quality
  • Delivery of PLANSEE Express standard electrodes ex-stock with multiple thread designs
  • Manufacture of specially customized threads on request
  • Oxidation resistant coatings (SIBOR®)
  • Outgas, certificate available if required
Molybdenum Glass Tank Reinforcements

LIT supplies the following glass tank reinforcements, which are modified to fit each individual glass tank:

  • Doghouse
  • Bubble Maker
  • Cross Wall
  • Flow Pipes inserted into the wall
  • Throat channel
  • Surrounding area of the glass melting electrodes
  • Other corrosion critical areas of a glass tank upon customer request

Glass, rock and ceramic wool are used for many insulation applications.  The melting process of the raw materials for wool and fibre production is often done by electrical heating with glass melting electrodes.

Specially designed plate and block electrodes are generally used with water cooled electrode holders.  In the field of glass, rock and ceramic wool, the liquid melt runs in many cases through nozzles made of Mo or W.

Our product range for the production of glass, rock and ceramic wool is not limited to glass melting electrodes and outflow nozzles but also includes other products such as nozzle holders, flow needles and estension tubes.