Fire resistant glazingDespite the various precautions we may take to prevent a blaze in our homes or our places of work, there always remains a chance that a stray spark or a carelessly disposed of, incompletely extinguished cigarette stub could result in a conflagration with costly or even fatal consequences. Because of this risk, it is also necessary to provide some means to limit the extent of such consequences, should the preventative measures prove to be inadequate. One option that can be used both for prevention and for damage limitation is fire-resistant glazing.

A fire resistant solution

First, let us consider the potential threat of the aforementioned stray spark. While an electric or gas-fired heater may serve as an effective source of warmth when needed, there is no denying that the sight of a hearth filled with burning logs or coals creates a far greater feeling of well being, as well as adding to the visual impact and ambience of a room. However, without a guard to trap any stray sparks or hot coals, they are a danger. On the other hand, the use of a guard detracts from its visual appeal and can limit heat transfer by radiation. A closed unit fitted with a fire-resistant ceramic-glass window offers the best of both worlds by allowing an unobstructed view of the flames and embers combined with lots of radiated warmth and no risk that a flying spark could lead to a blaze.