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X-Ray Glass

X-Ray Glass

Date posted: May 11, 2015 // Special Glass

 X-ray Glass for Effective Radiation Safeguarding in Variety of Applications

LIT Africa now offers clients in various industries the benefits of X-ray glass. The RD30 and RD50 glass from the well-known SCHOTT brand provides for exceptional safeguarding against radiation. With lead oxide making up 22% of the RD30 X-ray glass and 65% of the weight of RD50, the product provides a suitable transparent view as alternative to more conventional shield material.

The RD30 & RD50 X-ray glass is applied in medical devices. The RD30 is applicable to medical instruments made according to the requirements of DIN EN 60601-2-45 while the RD50 glass meets the requirements of DIN EN 61331-2 as well as IEC 61331-2.

The glass is completely colourless and because of its high scratch resistance it provides for clear viewing and is suitable for daily usage. With the superior UV stability of the glass a high level of radiation shielding is possible.

The X-ray glass or also called radiation shielding glass is applicable for:

  • Panorama glazing
  • Research labs
  • Viewing window
  • Door glazing
  • Glove boxes
  • Radiation protection
  • Operating rooms
  • Radiation stations
  • Material testing facilities 

The panes enable the personnel to be closer to the patients during the relevant X-ray and screening processes and also facilitate the usage of apparatus because of the clear viewing capacity provided.

Benefits of the glass include, but are not limited to:

  • Cut and processing in variety of geometric forms for customised applications.
  • Complete transparency and thus clearer viewing of the patient or X-ray area.
  • Made to meet international safety, manufacturing and quality standards.
  • Superior protection against radiation.
  • Various options available ranging from insulating glass to laminated and thermal insulation. 

Because of extremely high density the X-ray glass is able to absorb radiation effectively even in instances where the glass must be thin for the specific applications.

Application in the News

The Heart & Diabetes Centre of North Rhine Westphalia has installed SCHOTT X-ray glass at its Paediatric Cardiology Clinic where X-rays are used in some instances for accurate diagnosis of heart defects. The RD50 X-ray glass has been installed in the cabinet to allow for monitoring of the X-ray area through insertion of the X-ray glass between two panes of float glass. The window has extremely high density because of the 65% lead content, which makes it possible for the glass to have a high radiation absorption level, even though the glass is rather thin.

Other Radiation Protective Glass 

The SCHOTT Advanced Optics is just as revolutionary with variety of glass types that have various dispersion properties suitable for application in areas of extreme radioactivity. The optical glass features transmittance loss stabilisation through the addition of cerium. This addition changes the glass colour to a yellow colour and moves the UV transmittance edge to a much longer wave length. This makes for superior stability, while minimising the colour change. The glass is available in various forms such as rods, blanks, and presses.

For more information about X-ray glass, feel free to contact our team at LIT Africa.