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X-ray Glass

X-ray Glass

Date posted: July 2, 2015 // Glass

Wide Range of X-ray Glass Applications in Medical Clinics

SCHOTT AG, for which LIT Africa is the official agent in South Africa, now reports over 1.87 billion Euros in worldwide sales, of which over 85% have been generated internationally. With over 15 300 employees across the globe and production and sales offices in more than 33 countries around the world, the company is now also at the forefront of X-ray glass production and supply to medical clinics and labs internationally.

AT LIT Africa, we have over 50 years of experience in the supply of specialised glass from international companies, including SCHOTT. The company supplies everything from optical glass suited for application in the defence industries, to X-ray glass to clinics across the country. In addition, the company also supplies ceramic cook tops, oven panels, fireplace glazing, optical filter glass and fire resistant glass for commercial buildings.

The SCHOTT PYRAN® S fire resistant glass that we supply is locally glazed, giving it up to three hours of fire integrity. Where necessary, we supply fully assembled door systems and frames to our clients. We have entered into a partnership with Metallwerke Plansee for the supply of metallurgical metals which are applied to the glass.


One of the products now widely used in medical clinics is the SCHOTT RD50®. With superior quality products used in the X-ray glass, the shielding glass provides excellent protection against X-rays and gamma. It contains lead oxide for optimal radiation shielding. With excellent clarity, the clear glass achieves superior X-ray absorption.

With the glass being more scratch resistant than conventional plastic used, it also boasts longevity and has superior UV stability. The glass can be used in industrial, research and medical applications, such as PET scans, fluoroscopy applications, CT scanners and gamma cameras. The glass has low thickness and can thus be used in frames as well. It can be cleaned and disinfected using manufacturer approved disinfectants. However, it should be noted that the X-ray glass should never be exposed to humidity or acid type gases.

The shielding glass boasts brilliant transparency with optimal ionising radiation protection. The RD50 glass is widely used in dental clinics, medical operation theatres and in radiation therapy rooms, and can be used for observation purposes, as mobile protection and monitoring systems.

Importance of Optimal Radiation Protection

Gamma and Röntgen rays, also referred to as alpha and beta rays, are applied in medical research and treatments, such as X-rays and CT scanners, to assist in the diagnosis of medical conditions. The rays are often used in healing applications as well. However, the rays can be exceptionally dangerous if the human tissue is penetrated. Such penetration can cause damage to the human body and it is thus imperative to provide adequate protection, and this is where the RD50 X-ray glass comes in. The glass is thin enough to ensure optimal visibility of the subject, without compromising the health of the medical operator, observer, or even patient in certain applications.

View the full range of X-ray glass available from the SCHOTT brand and contact us at LIT Africa for a quote and selection advice in South Africa.