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Tungsten Rod

Tungsten Rod

Date posted: February 4, 2015 // Tungsten

Superior Quality Tungsten Rod

In the engineering industry, there are several materials that are principal for production, but none are as important as tungsten! A natural metal that is found on earth combined with other metals, tungsten is one of the most important materials used in mechanical engineering industries today. In fact, owing to its extensive and broad range of uses, it is regarded as the most valuable and widely used material known to mankind.

Poles apart from other refractory metals, tungsten is a unique class of metal that provides a number of unparalleled characteristics and benefits unlike standard metal. Firstly, tungsten is one of the hardest metals found on our planet today. With hardness close to that of diamonds and four times greater than that of titanium, tungsten also has the highest melting point of all non-alloyed refractory metals – it takes 6 100 degrees of heat to melt. Used to produce a hard metal alloy in the form of a tungsten rod, sheet, plate, wire, ball and screw, there are many industries that simply wouldn’t be able to operate without the use of tungsten.

As the South African agents for Plansee International, we at LIT Africa are the experts for components manufactured from tungsten, and are proud to offer a wide selection of tungsten rods, plates, sheets, wires, balls and screws. Renowned for providing the right quality materials that you need when you need them, at LIT Africa, our superior quality tungsten rod is straight to the point.

In order to prepare tungsten for the use in a tungsten rod, we are able to expand the electron work function, formability, high-temperature stability, and thermal conductivity through our in-house manufacturing procedures. Many practical applications of our tungsten rod are based on its high melting point, density and its low vapour pressure. Tungsten rod is an excellent component used in industrial glass and metal seals, the construction of high temperature furnace components, medical equipment, silicon rectifiers, support parts for lighting and electronics, stud mounts, vacuum technology and welding electrodes.

Boasting a high density, tungsten rods are excellent conductors, and are thermally and chemically stable. Offering nothing less than total durability, toughness and resistance – just like a diamond, no other metal can bend or scratch tungsten. At LIT Africa, our tungsten rod is manufactured in custom length pieces that can be cut to any length and width required.

Driven by the advanced technology of Plansee, we at LIT Africa are the leading South African suppliers of tungsten rod. Having established a culture of strong company values and customer collaboration, we provide our customers with the security of supply and continuous product improvement. Offering a wide portfolio of products, not only are we well-positioned to meet your tungsten rod needs, but we also offer tantalum, niobium, chromium and molybdenum. Additionally, we can provide a number of services including materials analysis and recycling, making us an extremely well-rounded supplier.

Contact us today for more information about our superior quality of tungsten rods, sheets, plates and wires, or simply browse our online categories to view our exceptional products and awards.

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