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SCHOTT Special Glass – Where Innovation Meets Advanced Technology

SCHOTT Special Glass – Where Innovation Meets Advanced Technology

Date posted: August 25, 2014 // Glass Special Glass

Glass is a transparent and translucent inorganic solid material that offers endless revolutionary possibilities. Over the years, the level of progress in glass technology has been ground breaking and thanks to its unique properties, special glass is at the cutting-edge of technology in space exploration, medical research, optics, telecommunications and architectural design.

Special glass is used to create and convert just about any innovative product and application, from inside living to non-living properties, with products and applications such as household appliances, building applications, pharmaceutical products, solar energy products, electronics, optics and automotive products. Its achievements are countless, and with SCHOTT Architectural Glass, Technical Glass and Optics at the forefront, the future of innovative special glass technology looks promising.

Founded more than 125 years ago in Jena, Germany, SCHOTT is an international technology group that is leading the advancement in the areas of special glass technology today, and is developing and manufacturing high-quality industrial products at a number of production sites around the globe. As the South African agent for SCHOTT Architectural Glass, Technical Glass and Optics, you can find the following high-quality innovative special glass solutions at Labotec Industrial Technologies in Johannesburg:

  • Architectural Interiors – SCHOTT is constantly striving to extend the boundaries of design and create new opportunities for building urbanity, such as space and design, indoors and outdoors, fire protection, aesthetics and functionality, and at Labotec Industrial Technologies, you will find a wide range of SCHOTT Architectural special glass products and intelligent solutions. We carry products that range from radiation resistant glazing, non-reflective, tinted for instrument panels, fireplace glazing, non-reflective, UV protective glazing for artworks and iridescent glazing, to fire resistant glazing and fire insulating glazing. 
  • Architectural Exteriors – our exterior SCHOTT Architectural special glass products and applications stretch from aesthetic to functional glass, such as anti-reflective products, clear products, iridescent glazing and fire resistant glazing, fire insulating glazing, fire resistant steel profiles and fully glazed fire resistant door systems. 
  • Textiles – our special textile portfolio extends from fire place gaskets, fire resistant glazing gaskets and fire resistant setting blocks to special glazing setting blocks. 
  • Optics – we are proud to present the complete SCHOTT optical glass and components range, from optical metrology, bendable glass, coatings, band filters, ultra white and optical filter products, and optical components. 
  • Other – we are also the proud agents of SCHOTT rail, sea and air, glass powders, technical and pharmaceutical tubing, theatre lighting, Fresnel lenses and special glass made for the film and media industry. 

As the South African Agents for Schott Architectural Glass, Technical Glass and Optics, we at Labotec Industrial Technologies (LIT) are the South African experts in special glass solutions. Contact us today or browse our categories to view our products and awards.