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Optical Components

Date posted: October 20, 2014 // Glass

Optical Components of the Finest Quality

As an optical, lithographic or laboratory supplier or manufacturer, it is your duty to supply your customers with the highest quality products according to their application requirements. Pleasing your customers will help the success of your business and that is why you need to work with the leaders of optical components. If you are looking for a reliable supplier, then your search ends here!

As the South African agent for SCHOTT International, we at LIT Africa are the experts for optical components. As one of the leading and most credible South African based optical manufacturers and suppliers, we understand the importance of quality lenses, wave plates, windows, filters, prisms, beam-splitters, mirrors and polarisers, among many more.

With an aim to provide the finest quality optical components at cost-effective prices, we cater to a wide market of industries that range from optics and lithography to science. Utilising the most advanced technologies and innovative ideas, we offer a broad range of optical components that can be found in the following lenses, filters, prisms and substrates:

  • Aspheric Lenses – due to their complex curved surfaces, aspheric lenses are designed for aberration correction. Unable to concentrate light into one point, aspheric lenses not only offer a distortion free image, but they also offer an overall superior quality image. Only supplying superior image quality, our aspheric lenses can be found in CD players, digital cameras and microscopes. 
  • Cylindrical Lenses – ideal for applications which require magnification in one dimension only, a cylindrical lens focuses light which passes through onto a line instead of onto a point. As it has a spherical radius in one direction, this allows the light to be focused in one axis. At Labotec Industrial Technologies, we supply a wide variety of specific cylindrical lenses that can be used in barcode scanning or laser projection.
  • Glass Wafers & Substrates – as the leading supplier of thin and ultra-thin glass wafers and substrates, we supply a wide range of different materials in sizes that range between 4″ and 12″, with various surface qualities and customised features.
  • Optical Filters – used in applications that include medical, imaging, surveillance and industrial applications, optical filters are designed to transmit light of dissimilar wavelengths. Working in close collaboration with our customers, our optical filter portfolio includes optical filter glasses, interference filters and a wide range of special filters, such as contrast enhancement filters and night vision filters.
  • Prisms – made from solid pieces of optical material, prisms are transparent optical elements with flat polished surfaces that refract, reflect or disperse light. They can be positioned rather easily inside an optical system and offer excellent thermal stability.
  • Spherical Lenses – ideally suited to condensing and light collection applications, spherical lenses transmit and refract light, as well as collect, focus and diverge light. Used in a diverse range of applications, such as cameras, projectors and microscopes, we supply spherical lenses that can be found as singlets, doublets and triplets in different shapes.

Whether you are looking for lenses or other optical components, turn to LIT Africa for all of your optical, lithographic or laboratory needs. All of our precision superior quality products can either be found in a standard sizes, or they can be customised to suit your specific requirements at cost-effective prices. Contact us to discuss your special requirements.

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