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Date posted: August 27, 2015 // Glass

Glass Textiles to Improve Fire Protection Capacity Now Available in South Africa

LIT Africa now provides a wide range of glass textiles, which includes:

• Fireplace gaskets – sealing glass to metal.
• Fire resistant glazing gaskets – sealing glass to metal.
• Fire resistant setting blocks – special glazing blocks.

Fireplace Gaskets

The Culimeta glass textiles are used in Germany and with a large plant and branch, the company has mastered the technologies to ensure superior quality glass text Fireplace Gaskets ile products. Their products are made to be eco-friendly and have superior electrical, thermal and acoustic insulation features. The company was started in The Hague under the leadership of Henri Cuylits and his son Alfons Cuylits in 1926. They established a sole proprietorship in Monheim am Rhein and started to contract for the manufacturing of thermal electrical insulating sleeving and seals, which were made from glass textiles.

The operation is managed today by Vincent and Diederik Cuylits, and the company is in its third generation. They now have production sites in the USA, Italy, UK, France and Latvia, with well over 340 employees. Their after-sales service and superior product quality make them a leader in German glass textile manufacturing.

Fire Resistant Glazing Gaskets

The Gluske gaskets, available through Labotec Industrial Technologies, offer excellent sealing, stability and fire integrity. What makes the units so reliable is the ability of the intumescent materials to expand when heated. This leads to optimal fusing of the glazing to the frame, making for superior fire and smoke penetration barriers.

In 1988, the company realised that there was a gap in the market and developed a special accessory kit with all the necessary sealing materials to maximise fire protection glazing capacity. They developed the Kerafix® brand which soon became a benchmark brand in the market.

Their products are relevant today because fire glazing alone is not enough to protect against heat, fire and smoke penetration. Their solutions include fire stopping silicone from the Kerafix® brand, the Kerafix® profile seal, Kerafix® 2000 glazing tape, Flammi 12 fire protection glazing block, intumescent material Kerafix® Flexpan 200 and cooling insulator ROKU® V2 gypsum board.

Fire Resistant Setting Blocks

The Wolastonic setting blocks are flammin silicate or inorganic based and are weatherproof. This makes these blocks the perfect solution to create the required spacing between the frame and glass for optimal fire resistance.

Don’t compromise on the integrity of your building or fireplace units. Contact us at LIT Africa for highly relevant and superior quality glass textiles for optimal fire protection.