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Date posted: October 7, 2014 // Glass

The Future of Architectural Glass Technology

According to history, glass was first accidentally discovered 4 000 years ago by Phoenician merchants, and has since evolved into one of the world’s most useful and valuable commodities. Interestingly, it was only 2 000 years ago that the actual manufacturing of glass first progressed and advanced to resilient heavy-duty glass sheets that were used as windows and architectural features.

Since then, constant innovations in glass technology have continued to increase the potential for the use of it in architecture, and have in present times resulted in some of the most spectacular products imaginable. As the backbone of architecture, this material has become stronger and safer than ever, allowing it to be used everywhere, from revolving doors and roofs, to staircases, skywalks, interior and exterior walls, partitions and more. It is no longer just used for windows and sliding doors; it is one of our most valued, most remarkable and most prominent architectural materials.

Founded over 125 years ago, SCHOTT, an international technology group that is now leading the innovation of 21st century glass technology, is developing and manufacturing high-quality industrial architectural glass products at a number of production sites around the globe, including Labotec Industrial Technologies in Johannesburg, South Africa.

As the South African agents for SCHOTT Architectural Glass, Special Glass, Technical Glass and Optical Glass, we are a company at the forefront of architectural glass technology in South Africa. Working in close communication with our customers throughout the southern hemisphere, we are proud to supply and deliver a broad range of innovate solutions, designed for a diverse spectrum of architectural building needs.

Architectural Interiors and Exteriors

In modern architecture, glass technology has become more and more important as a vital element of design, as well as a functional building material. As the need for urban living continues to soar, so does the demand for further hard-wearing and laminated glass. As SCHOTT strives to push the boundaries of technology for urban living environments, they have refined innovation with a truly remarkable range of high-quality architectural products and intelligent solutions.

At Labotec Industrial Technologies, we carry their glass products, which range from radiation resistant glazing glass, non-reflective glass and tinted glass for instrument panels, fireplace glazing glass, UV protective glazing for artworks, iridescent glazing, to fire resistant glazing and fire insulating glazing.

It is a general belief that a transparent architectural glass exterior can lead to a building’s interior, and this belief has been an inspiration for many architects throughout the globe and can be recognised through our exterior architectural glass technology solutions that range from aesthetic to functional glass, such as anti-reflective glass products, clear building glass, iridescent glazing and fire resistant glazing, fire insulating glazing, fire resistant steel profiles and fully glazed fire resistant door systems.

Using glass in architecture has certainly come a long way from its start, and to think that we are only getting started is unbelievable. The future of glass technology looks bright, from interactive surfaces and transparent buildings to technologies that enrich your life – that is the future of glass technology. As the South African agents for SCHOTT Architectural Glass, when you partner with Labotec Industrial Technologies, you are partnering with the leaders of glass technology. Contact us today or browse our categories to view our products and awards.

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