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Protecting People and Property with SCHOTT Fire Resistant Glass

Protecting People and Property with SCHOTT Fire Resistant Glass

Date posted: February 24, 2015 // Glass

Protecting People and Property with SCHOTT Fire Resistant Glass

With the increase in fire related fatalities and the loss of properties throughout the globe, the global market for fire resistant glass has experienced a wave of growth over the past decade. As the backbone of architecture, glass has become stronger and safer than ever before, allowing it to be used everywhere in architecture – from revolving doors, roofs, staircases, skywalks, interior and exterior walls, and fireplaces to partitions and more. Its achievements are countless and with SCHOTT at the forefront of glass technology – the future of innovative, advanced special glass technology looks exciting.

As an international technology group with more than 125 years of experience in specialty glass, materials and advanced technologies, SCHOTT has positioned itself as the world leaders of many superior products and intelligent solutions such as fire resistant glass. Renowned for innovations that improve safety and owing greatly to their manufacturing and testing centre, SCOTT never disappoints!

As the leaders of fire resistant glass technology, SCHOTT develops its products at a number of production sites around the globe with LIT Africa in Johannesburg being one of them. Working closely with a broad spectrum of industries throughout the Southern Hemisphere, we at LIT Africa are proud to supply and deliver a wide range of innovative SCHOTT fire resistant glass such as the following:

PYRANOVA® Secure and PYRAN® Secure

The risk of fire is very real and therefore safeguarding employees, visitors and assets is foremost. A technically sophisticated glass range for high-end applications tested to accommodate the highest safety standards and meet all legal requirements – PYRANOVA® Secure and PYRAN® Secure are designed to prevent fire, smoke and heat from spreading in the event of such a tragedy.

ROBAX® Fire Resistant Glass

Meeting the needs of both consumers and fireplace manufacturers, SCHOTT continues to outrival with its futuristic, technologically advanced ROBAX® fire resistant glass. Able to withstand temperatures up to 1400°F (760°C), it also allows for greater heat transmission, transferring the heat through the glass into the room. Furthermore, with a special emphasis on 3-dimensional shapes, ROBAX® glass-ceramic fire viewing panels focus on geometric diversity which offers fireplace manufacturers maximum flexibility for creating new designs.

While SCHOTT continues to improve its glass innovations, we at LIT Africa in Johannesburg continue to meet the growing demands of architects and manufacturers with respect to safety, aesthetics and design. As the exclusive South African Agents for SCHOTT – when you partner with us, you are partnering with the leaders of glass technology. Contact us today or browse our categories to view our extensive product range and outstanding awards.