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Fire-Resistant Glass Products for Commercial, Residential and Industrial Applications

Fire-Resistant Glass Products for Commercial, Residential and Industrial Applications

Date posted: July 11, 2014 // Glass

Labotec Industrial Technologies has over 50 years of experience in the glass and glazing industries. Our clients range from defence force units, to manufacturing plants, mining houses, labs, architects, gallery owners, builders and developers. We are also a trusted supplier of fire-resistant glass from the well-known Schott® brand. Some of the products available are briefly introduced to help you make an informed buying decision.

Schott Pyran® S

This is a monolithic and thermally borosilicate safety glass, which features fire-resistant glazing. The product meets the DIN EN Standard 13024-1 and is available in thickness of up to 12mm.

Schott Robax® Fireplace Glazing

The Robax® fireplace panels are made from fire-resistant transparent glass, allowing for optimal enjoyment of the visual effects of a natural fire whilst protecting against the flying sparks. Schott is a world-renowned manufacturer of transparent heat-resistant materials and Robax® has sold over 70 million fireplace panels. With such support, you can be assured of high quality, longevity and safety, when it comes to the fireplace panels available from Schott®.

Schott Pyranova®

This special glass has a fire-resistant transparent layer that swells up in the event of a fire being placed between the panes. The product prevents the passage of heat radiation, smoke and fire. Both sides of the surface are fire-resistant, making this the perfect glass for commercial interiors. Indeed, these special panels are very popular because of their attractive design and the safety features that are embedded in the design.

Glass Textiles

We also supply a range of glass textiles to maximise the fire-resistance of glass panels. The Culimeta textile glass technology is used for the manufacturing of eco-friendly and health safety products, with superior thermal and insulation properties.

The fire-resistant glass gaskets are used to seal the glass to the metal for optimal fire integrity. The materials expand during the heating process and then fuse the glazing to the frame, which helps to prevent any passage of fire or smoke.

The fire-resistant Flammin silicate or the inorganic Wolastonite setting blocks, create the required spacing between the frame and glass needed for fire-resistant applications.

We have partnered with Glass South Africa to bring you Schott Pyran® S fire-resistant glazing, which is toughened locally to get up to two hours of fire integrity, while the Pyranova® gives insulation for up to two hours. We provide the assembled frames, door systems and necessary profiles, in addition to the fire-resistant glass products.

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