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Fire Resistant Glass

Fire Resistant Glass

Date posted: August 27, 2015 // Glass

Fire Resistant Glass for Interior Applications

LIT Africa is a trusted supplier of fire resistant glass to various industries in South Africa. We offer the world-famous SCHOTT® PYRAN® S fire resistant glass technology consisting of monolithic thermally tempered borosilicate safety glass that meets the DIN EN Standard 13024-1.

The glazed fire resistant glass is used in many buildings where it is required to have fire resistant glass installed in the classes of E30, 60, 90 and 120. The anti-reflective glazing is important, since it helps to ensure optimal visibility with its low residual reflection. The glass provides up to 120 minutes of protection against fire, giving office occupants enough time to evacuate the building.

What makes the glass so unique is the technology used to toughen it. It is anti-reflective on both sides because of the dip-coating treatment. The treatment process helps to make the glass weather resistant, while it is also hardened. Using the Butt Joint System the PYRAN® S can be used in complex architectural settings, because the silicone joint connects the glass panes without the need for a frame. With this technology it is possible to get a glass that is light and provides a clear view.

The glass is applied in situations where optimal fire resistance is needed without affecting the clear visibility through the glass. The result of not needing frames is a more aesthetically appealing interior, because the connection is done through almost invisible point mounts and bracket systems for securing the panes to a light support structure.

The Composite Safety Glass PYRAN® S is treated with a laminate derived from PYRAN ®S and soda lime. It can also be made using safety glass that protects against noise and falls.

SCHOTT® PYRANOVA® is another fire resistant glass technology available through us. This glass is fire insulation glazed. It offers excellent undisturbed visibility, because of the transparent fire resistant layer which is placed between two glass panes. The PYRANOVA® glass prevents fire, heat and smoke penetration. The glass is specifically made to provide fire protection on both sides. The special glass is applied where the glazing requirements must meet the fire resistance classes of EI 15 and EI 120. It is an exceptionally popular choice for interiors because of the attractive design and the reliable protection against fire. The glass is often used on fire escape routes.

LIT Africa is known for superior quality, specialist products and fast service delivery. View our range of fire resistant glass and contact us to discuss your particular requirements.