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Fire Resistant Glass

Fire Resistant Glass

Date posted: July 2, 2015 // Glass

Fire Resistant Glass from the SCHOTT Brand Explained

At LIT Africa, we now supply fire resistant glass from the well-known SCHOTT brand, known for their superior quality products. SCHOTT supplies various types of fire resistant glass and provides classification assistance on their website.

Fire resistant glass consists of crystals that are specifically heat treated through a specialised system, until the crystals eventual become glass. The crystal amount in the glass is what will determine the fire resistance and the range of thermal expansion capacity. Such glass is used in fireplace screens. In the building industry, the term “fire resistant glass” is basically a soda lime glass, ceramic glass glazed or it comes constructed as two panes of glass with a special fire resistant material in between the two panes.


The E-range of fire resistant glass provides effective resistance against smoke, hot gases and fire. PYRAN® is the best-known glass in this range because of its superiority in fire resistance compared to the more conventional types of fire resistant glazed glasses, as a result of the material and special manufacturing processes used.


The glass provides an effective barrier against smoke, fire and gas penetration, with reduced thermal radiation passing capacity. PYRANOVA® is the flagship product in the EW-classification range. It is a clear specially laminated composite type of glass. Its uniqueness lies in its design – made up of several thin float glass layers with a special layer in between that foams up when the glass is exposed to excessive heat from a fire. This is what provides the extra layer of protection. PYRAN® is also available in the EW-classification range.


This glass provides a highly effective barrier against smoke, gases, fire and thermal penetration with an extra protective barrier. The PYRANOVA® glass is also available in the EI-classification group.

SCHOTT AG has a proven track record of glass production and treatment spanning over 130 years. The company is internationally presented and is fast becoming the leading manufacturer of superior quality fire resistant glass. The company now boasts over 15 000 employees worldwide, a development centre in the USA, and several technical support centres on various continents. They make products suitable for industrial, commercial, architectural and residential usage.

As a trusted supplier of SCHOTT fire resistant glass in South Africa, at LIT Africa we commit to the provision of superior quality glass to ensure optimal fire barriers, whether for retail centres, office parks, high-rise apartments or medical centres.