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Fire Resistant, Anti-Reflective and High Quality Interior Special Glass

Fire Resistant, Anti-Reflective and High Quality Interior Special Glass

Date posted: July 11, 2014 // Special Glass

Our company’s history dates back to 1960 and over the past 50 years, we have supplied special glass to major international companies. Our client portfolio range from the defence industry, to architects, labs and specialised plants.

Our products in the special glass category include products for architectural interiors and exteriors, optics, glass textiles and glazed products. A closer look at the products in the architectural interiors category should give you an idea of what our expertise entails and why we are one of the preferred suppliers of specialised glass products, to companies in all industries.

Schott RD 50® Radiation Resistant

The radiation resistant leaded glass provides superior protection against gamma and X-rays. The glass weight can be contributed mainly to lead oxide, which makes up 65% of the radiation shielding glass. The glass is exceptionally thin, but because of its high density, it has a high capacity for X-ray absorption.

Schott Robax® Fireplace Glazing

The heat-resistant transparent glass provides superior warmth and security, while shielding against flying sparks from the fireplace. Robax® has sold over 70 million fireplaces over the years and Schott is renowned for their high-quality heat-resistant materials.

Schott Mirogard® Non-Reflective UV Protective Glazing for Artworks

The anti-reflective glass is almost invisible and through the anti-reflective optical interference coating, valuable artworks can be protected against environmental and human damage. Artworks can be viewed without having to deal with the problem of glass reflection.  Mirogard® reduces the reflections in the visible spectrum to less than 1%, making for clear viewing and optimal protection.  The glass has a neutral colour, which ensures that the visual appeal of the artwork is never compromised. It is widely used in art galleries and museums.

Schott Conturan® Non-Reflective Tinted Instrument Panel

Prevent optical reflection from the sunlight or artificial light on instrument panels, with the Conturan® which is coated with multiple layers of metal oxides, only nanometres in thickness.  Conturan® is known for top quality anti-reflective filters used for technical displays and anti-reflection solutions for applications such as railroad destination indicators.

Schott Pyranova® Fire Insulating Glazing

The Pyranova® consists of clear, laminated glass made up of various thin float glass panes to offer transparent fire resistance. The special glass prevents the passage of radiation, smoke and fires from either side of the panel. The glass has an attractive design and is popular in commercial settings because of its reliability and protection against fire hazards.

Schott Narima® Iridescent Glazing

The dichroic glass provides for an amazing range of colour effects and comes in six variations. If you want to impress clients and attract attention, then the Narima® Iridescent glass should be your first choice. It is the perfect choice for artists and architects wanting to make a statement of style.

Schott Pyran® S Fire Resistant Glazing

The Pyran® S is a monolithic, thermally tempered borosilicate safety glass with superior optical properties and is anti-reflective on both sides of the surface.

The above are, but a few of the products that we have to offer. Browse our categories for complete information about each and contact us to discuss your company’s special glass requirements.

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