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Customised High Capacity and Optimum Quality Tungsten Sheet

Customised High Capacity and Optimum Quality Tungsten Sheet

Date posted: February 24, 2015 // Tungsten

Customised High Capacity and Optimum Quality Tungsten Sheet

Looking for a tungsten supplier who can cut tungsten sheet to specific size or shape? In the engineering industry there are several materials that are principal for production, but none are as important as tungsten sheet. A natural metal that is found on earth combined with other metals, tungsten sheet is one of the most valuable, widely used and longest-used industrial metals known to mankind today.

Poles apart due to its indestructible nature, tungsten is a special class of metal that provides a number of distinct characteristics and benefits different to standard metal. Comparable to gold and diamonds, tungsten is one of the world’s most dense, hardest and wear-resistant industrial metals, which are four times greater than that of titanium.

An extremely brittle industrial metal, tungsten has the highest melting point (3,422°C, 6,192°F), lowest measurement of thermal expansion of any unalloyed metal, lowest vapour pressure (at temperatures above 1,650°C, 3,000°F), and the maximum tensile strength of any generally used metal. Furthermore, tungsten is not only able to resist attack by acids, alkalis and oxygen, but no other metal can bend or scratch tungsten. Boasting a structure that consists of lengthy interlocking grains, tungsten can be sintered and compressed into bars and tungsten sheets, making it particularly effective in a broad number of applications.

Tungsten Sheet Applications

Used in countless applications, tungsten sheet is typically used in electrodes for aerospace, automotive products, aviation, crystal production, fluorescent lamp wire filaments, glass and ceramics, heating elements, inert gas arc welding, lubricants and radiation shields, nuclear high-temperature furnace components, sputtering targets, touch-screen technology, vacuum sputtering, and X-ray tubes. Tungsten is also widely used in the fields of medical and thin-film technology.

About LIT Africa

As the exclusive South African agents for PLANSEE International, we at LIT Africa are the leading South African suppliers of choice for refractory industrial metals such as molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, and chromium and tungsten. Proud to have established a strong culture of company values and customer service, we provide our customers with security of superior quality supply and continuous product improvement that meets the most severe demands.

High Capacity and Optimum Quality

Renowned for superior product quality and performance, we can manufacture a wide selection of small to large runs of tungsten sheet according to your precise industry specifications that range from various forms and dimensions. Owing to our state-of-the-art factories, equipment and many years of experience in the field of powder metallurgy, when you partner with us you always receive optimum quality in every tungsten sheet we manufacture and supply.

Distinguished and highly respected for working with the most up-to-date technologies, we at Labotec Industrial Technologies offer industries throughout the Western Hemisphere a wide portfolio of PLANSEE products. Wherever traditional materials are stretched beyond their limits, you can always rely on LIT Africa to be at the forefront of supplying South Africa with the very latest industrial metal technology.

Contact us today for more information about our superior quality tungsten sheet, plate, wire, ribbon or rod. Or take the time to browse our online catalogue to view our technical details and other applications.