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Architectural Interiors

Architectural Interiors

We offer various products in our interior portfolio, ranging from decorative glass to lighting products. Our expertise is available to assist you in your search for unique products for interior architectural glass applications.

Schott RD 50®
Radiation Resistant Glazing

Reliable shielding, clear view

SCHOTT radiation shielding glass offers various levels of protection.

SCHOTT radiation shielding glass offers various levels of protection.

The composition of radiation resistant leaded glass from SCHOTT can be compared with solid lead and ensures excellent protection against gamma and x-rays. Lead oxide accounts for 65 percent of the weight of RD 50® radiation shielding glass. This makes these glasses a transparent alternative to other shielding materials. Crystal clear and effective Thanks to its high density, RD 50® achieves high x-ray absorption even when it is thin. It also meets the requirements of the German Institute for Standardization, European Standardization, and the International Electrotechnical Commission.

RD 50® radiation shielding glass satisfies the requirements of DIN EN 61331-2 and IEC 61331-2.

The unique yellow color of RD 50 ® is appreciated by many customers since the protection effect is “visible”.

The protection effect of RD 50® is vitally important! Customers trust in SCHOTTs reputation, quality and experience (100% made in Germany)

SCHOTT offer best values for all critical factors for the purchasing decision:   Availability – mostly ex-stock LIT Africa or 2 weeks ex works Germany,  reliability, technical expertise and consulting

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Schott Conturan®
Non reflective, tinted glass for instrument panels

CONTURAN® is an anti-reflective glass with an optical interference coating on either one or both sides.

The anti-reflective-coated glass for a clear view

The anti-reflective-coated glass for a clear view

A special dip coating process is used to coat the glass with multiple layers of metal oxides which are only nanometers in thickness. As a result, this coating design prevents optical reflections from sunlight or artificial light being caused by the glass surface. CONTURAN® has already proven itself in a wide range of different applications, including indicator board covers, railroad destination indicators, anti-reflective filters for technical displays, and many more. It can basically be put to use anywhere irritating reflections occur.

Schott Robax®
Fireplace Glazing

As a SCHOTT brand, ROBAX® is on course for continued success. With more than 70 million ROBAX® fireplace panels sold, SCHOTT is one of the leading manufacturers of heat-resistant transparent materials. Today, the SCHOTT ROBAX®name is a byword for innovative quality, and is practically synonymous with the sense of warmth and security only a real stove can provide. ROBAX® fireplace panels guarantee a genuine fireside experience. They make it possible to see the fire clearly and gather close to, yet remain completely protected from flying sparks. SCHOTT ROBAX® gives you a feeling of safety every day. Download Information:

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Schott Mirogard®
Non reflective, UV Protective Glazing for Artworks

SCHOTT MIROGARD®: Low in reflection, true in color, invisible schott-miroguardMuseums, collections and galleries all over the world have been relying on SCHOTT MIROGARD® anti-reflective glass for decades. This practically invisible glass that features an anti-reflective optical interference coating protects valuable works of art. Without detracting from art enjoyment. Conventional glass reflects approximately eight percent of incident light. And results in undesirable reflections. MIROGARD® glass reduces reflections in the visible spectrum to under one percent and thus allows for an unadulterated view of art. At the same time, MIROGARD® anti-reflective glass is completely neutral in color. This means the brilliance of the glazed artwork remains true to the original and is rendered in its natural colors. Download Information:

Schott Mirogard®

Protection For Artwork

Protection For Artwork

Protection for artworks “as light as a feather” with MIROGARD® Protect Ultra The new, virtually invisible laminated glass from SCHOTT that is extremely lightweight offers outstanding UV protection in combination with shatter protection and is also extremely thin Download Information:

Scott Narima®
Iridescent Glazing

Lynn University, Remembrance Plaza

Lynn University, Remembrance Plaza

Inside or outside, SCHOTT NARIMA® color effect glass grabs people’s attention. This dichroic glass produces dazzling color effects in six different variations and makes a bold visual statement while conveying an impressive sense of depth – making it the ideal material for architects, artists, and designers to create lively color accents. Download Information:

Schott Pyran® S
Fire Resistant Glazing

EI(F) 60 partition with PYRANOVA® 30 at the AgrarBildungsZentrum (ABZ), Altmünster Austria.

EI(F) 60 partition with PYRANOVA® 30 at the AgrarBildungsZentrum (ABZ), Altmünster Austria.

PYRAN® S is a monolithic, thermally tempered borosilicate safety glass in accordance with DIN EN Standard 13024-1.

Thanks to its outstanding optical and mechanical properties, it has a long record of proven performance in many different buildings as a component in fire resistant glazing of the fire resistance classes E 30, E 60, E 90 and E 120.

  • Borosilicatglass
  • Classifications:
  • E 30 to E 120
  • EW 30 to E 60
  • Glass thickness: up to 12 mm

Anti-reflective Glazing PYRAN® S for anti-reflective glazing performs several important functions all at the same time. It offers clear visibility due to low residual reflection and up to 2 hours of additional protection in case of fire.

E(G) 30 roof with steel frame and impact resistance with ISO PYRAN® S at the BMW World, Munich Germany.

E(G) 30 roof with steel frame and impact resistance with ISO PYRAN® S at the BMW World, Munich Germany.

Anti-reflective coated PYRAN® S is a monolithic, thermally toughened borosilicate glass that is anti-reflective on both sides due to the fact that it is manufactured using a dip-coating process. The glass is coated with a hard, weather-resistant and multi-layered interference system. As a result, light reflection of 8% with an uncoated glass can be reduced to 1% using coated borosilicate glass. Butt Joint System Butt joint PYRAN® S can be used very easily in demanding architectural designs. With the PYRAN® S butt joint system, for instance, a special silicone joint is used to join the panes of glass together without a frame. This helps create light, smooth sheets of glass that are virtually endless, and guarantees a clear view at all times without any disturbing vertical profiles. Simply ideal for applications in which fire protection needs to be combined with maximum visibility and minimal visual disturbances. Structural Glazing

EI(F) 30 partition with heat insulation with PYRANOVA® at the European Investmentbank, Luxembourg.

EI(F) 30 partition with heat insulation with PYRANOVA® at the European Investmentbank, Luxembourg.

Systems that use PYRAN® S for structural glazing require no frame constructions whatsoever. This is the result of a perfect symbiosis between glass panes connected to each other by joints that are barely noticeable and point mounts and brackets that secure the glass panes to a strong, yet light, supporting structure. The panes remain permanently fixed in place, free of tension and without slippage under even the most extreme conditions, such as loads created by internal wind pressure or suction. Composite Safety Glass PYRAN® S composite safety glass as a laminate made of PYRAN® S and soda lime or single-pane safety glass can be used to meet special requirements for noise protection and protection against falls. The use according to TRLV and TRAV is stipulated in the general type approval Z-70.3-145. In addition to certification of protection against falling, there are general type approval test certificates according to TRAV with timber or steel frames. Download Information:

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Schott Pyranova®
Fire Insulating Glazing

Advantages of PYRANOVA® PYRANOVA® special glass is a clear, laminated composite glass that is made up of several thin panes of float glass. A transparent, fire resistant layer that intumesces up in the event of a fire has been placed between the panes. When used in fire resistant glazing, PYRANOVA® special glass prevents the passage of fire, smoke and heat radiation. Due to its structure, the standard construction of PYRANOVA® special glass is protects from either side. schott-pyranovaPYRANOVA® special glass when used as a component in fire resistant glazing meets the requirements of fire resistance classes EI 15 to EI 120. This glass is not only very popular due to its attractive design, but also because it reliably protects escape routes in the event of a fire. Download Information: