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Processing Technology

Processing Technology

Complimentary to the glass and special metals supplied via LIT, we have access to specialised processing techniques in these fields.

Fully Glazed Fire Resistant Door Systems

T-Tammer Ltd, based in Estonia, specialise in fire-resistant steel doors and windows for buildings. Being part of the EU, they have experience in specifically these markets but export worldwide.

Fully Glazed Fire Resistant Door Systems

Fully Glazed Fire Resistant Door Systems

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CGA Centurion – Local Installation Partner




Fire Resistant Steel Profiles

Stålprofil develops and sells insulated and non-insulated profile systems in steel and stainless steel for glazed facades, walls, windows, doors and sliding door sections.

The sections can be thermal insulating, fire-, bullet- and burglary resistant and resistant against wear and tear. The profile systems are intended for interior and exterior sections in, e.g., offices and business centers, schools, banks, shopping malls, airports, embassies, prisons and detention centers, hotels, hospitals, service homes etc. The systems in stainless steel are in acid resistant quality EN 1.4404 – 316L.

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Architectural Glass Coating
Turnkey glass coaters

LIT works in partnership with Buehler Leybold Optics a leading European manufacturer that supplies turnkey glass coaters.  These PVD processes supply an added-value monolithic product ranging from low-e to solar control glazing.


Umicore Thin Film Products

The product portfolio of Umicore Thin Film Products covers a wide range of highly effective evaporation materials, sputtering targets, and accessories for Optics and Accessories, Wear and Decorative Coatings, Microelectronics and Semiconductors, and Large Area Coatings.

Glazed Radiation Protection for Nuclear Use

Processing technologies – glazed radiation protection for nuclear use

Schott provide protective glazing for the nuclear industry

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Nuclear Medicine

Plansee provide shielding for the application, storage and use of nuclear related medicine isotopes.

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Heavy metals are used in munitions, missile guidance and shielding in the defence industry. Please contact us for details.