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Schott-Glass made of Idea’s. We present the complete range of optical glass and components from this German manufacturer.

Ultrathin glass 25-100µm
Bendable glass

Bendable glass ranging in thickness of 25 and 100 µm.  Supplied on a roll for uses in barrier films, touch panels, touch panels, laminates etc.

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Optical Coating of Interference & Special Filters

Schott custom coats glass with thin films for specific filter applications.  Typical appliations are in optical, laser and illumination systems for longpass, shortpass and bandpass filters.

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Interference Filters
Band filters

Product range includes

  • Bandpass filters (line, band and broadband)
  • Edge filters
  • Notch fiters
  • DVG 11 filters
  • Hard bandpass filters
  • I-line filters
  • VERIL filters
  • KV filters

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Ultra White Glass

To ensure optimal transmission in the visible wavelength range, Schott presents B270i crown glass.

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Optical Filter Glass

Schott offers one of the world’s largest portfolios of optical filter glass.

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Optical Components
Value added components

Schott offers a broad range of components for application in optics, lithography and science.  Typical products include; Aspherical lenses, Cylindrical lenses, Glans wafers and substrates, Optical filters.

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