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LIT Africa was started in 1960.

LIT Africa was started in 1960.

For over 50 years, we have provided contact to major international organizations and expertise in the fields of special glass and sintered refractory metals.

Highlights include the supply of specialized optical components to the defence industry, manipulators, vacuum valves and radiation windows for the nuclear industry, x-ray radiation protection windows to clinics countrywide, also glass tubing for the manufacture locally of ampoules, dental cartridges and test tubes.

In addition, we supply glass ceramic cook tops ( CERAN ) from Schott and decorated control and oven panels in household ovens, signal lenses for road and rail transport. We also specialise in fire-place glazing and gaskets, non-reflective glazing and optical filter glass.

In partnership with PG Building Glass Solutions  Schott Pyran S fire-resistant glazing is toughened locally to achieve up to 120 minute fire integrity, Pyranova up to 120 minute insulation. We provide the necessary fully assembled frames, profiles and door systems for these applications as well.

Our Austrian partner Metalwerk Plansee supplies powder metallurgical metals to the glass, power transmission, lighting, electronics and defence industry. Molybdenum, Tungsten, Niobium and Tantallum are used in areas where high demands on temperature, chemical resistance and hardness are set.

Over the years we have also shown expertise in glass and web-coating and supply equipment and consumables for this.